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Call it Home…

Schmidt Family Vineyards, owned by Judy and Cal Schmidt, began with a life-long dream of farming the land. Cal’s great love and passion for wine and wine making made grapes the obvious crop. Cal grew up on a wheat farm in Kansas. A successful businessman, he began taking classes in viticulture and wine making in his spare time. In 2000, the old Bennett Ranch on the fertile Kubli Bench was purchased and became the setting for what is now the Schmidt Family Vineyards.

Vineyards of Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon were planted in 2001. The first vintage consisting of 300 cases, was produced in 2004 and released in 2006. The wines were very well received and quickly sold out. The 2005 harvest yielded about 1200 cases. We are now up to approximately 5,500 cases. New vineyards have been added, which include lesser known varietals such as Albarino, and Tempranillo, of Spanish origin. Other varietals include Barbera, an Italian varietal, and Malbec, a Bordeaux varietal.

Along with the fertile vineyards, and a large picturesque pond, several acres of herb and flower gardens, gazebos, and walking paths have been created which are available for private events.

The newest addition is the network of walking trails named for Cal and Judy’s Great Grandchildren. We invite you to explore and even find the perfect picnic spot to enjoy your wine!

The tasting room is elegant and hospitable and is finished in a craftsmen style. This room is a very welcoming place to sit and enjoy the wines.

Come and lift a glass and call it home…


Cal Schmidt Owner, Wine Maker

Originally from Kansas, Cal moved to the area in 1992 and to Schmidt Family Vineyards in 2000. Owner of 2 family businesses, he fortunately has 2 children! His son, Jim, runs North Western Design which manufactures commercial cabinetry. Rene, his daughter, is Tasting Room Manager and Wine Maker here at SFV. Many of his grandchildren and their spouses work in both businesses as well!

Wine and wine making have always been a passion for Cal. Realizing his lifelong dream of owning a vineyard, making wines that are well loved is a great pleasure to him.

His involvement as Vice President of Applegate Valley Oregon Vintners’ Association, and Founder of World of Wine show his avid support of Southern Oregon Wines.

Cal loves to travel to wine regions of the world such as Spain, Italy and France.

Judy Schmidt Owner, Grounds Designer

Originally from Penna, New York, Judy is a graduate of the University of Oregon. She moved to Oregon with her family in 1992 and then to SFV in 2000. As parents of two children, she and Cal have 9 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren!

Judy has been a Marriage and Family Therapist (10 years) and continues to be the accountant for both family businesses. She spends many of her days enjoying gardening and quality time with the little children of the family. With her husband, daughter, grandsons, granddaughter and daughter-in-law all working at the vineyard, she obviously adores working with family!

Judy loves the Applegate community and places great importance on building relationships with local wineries.

The Family

Heather Carlino, Tasha Brons, Spencer Brons, Rene Brons, Jocelyn Schmidt, Duncan Brons
(Left to Right) Heather Carlino, Tasha Brons, Spencer Brons, Rene Brons, Jocelyn Schmidt, Duncan Brons

Heather Carlino, Wine Club Manager/ Bookkeeper

Originally from Santa Rosa, CA, Heather graduated from Hidden Valley High School. She is granddaughter to Cal and Judy and has worked at the vineyard for several years.

Heather moved to Oregon in 1992 and is married to Steve Carlino. They have a daughter, Liliana Belle. She enjoys dance, crocheting, and the outdoors.

“I feel very blessed to be a part of the Schmidt family and staff. My first priority is being a mother to my sweet Lilana Belle, and I am so glad that my job allows me to have a fulfilling career and be a mother!”

Tasha Brons, Tasting Room Staff

Born and raised in Grants Pass, Tasha is Cal and Judy’s granddaughter (married to Duncan).  She and her family love the lifestyle of farming, wine and community that comes with living and working at Schmidt Family Vineyards.  She and Duncan married in 2006 and welcomed their daughter Presley into the world in 2013.  Family is important to Tasha and she is very happy that the long awaited Presley will get to be raised in this environment. Another part of the lifestyle that Tasha loves is the building of relationships with our customers.  She thinks of them as an extended family!

Spencer Brons, Chef/ Cellar-man

Spencer is from Santa Rosa, CA but has spent most of his life in Southern Oregon. He is a graduate of Hidden Valley High School.

Cal and Judy have two family businesses. As their grandson (Rene’s son), he has experience working for both of them. At North Western Design he worked as a Draftsman and Project Manager. Here at Schmidt Family Vineyards he especially enjoys working with the public sharing his knowledge about the wine.

Spencer shows a creative side as well. He is a musician, artist, and loving father of 2 children.

Both Iagan and Paxton are often seen playing together on the grounds with their cousins.

Rene Brons, Tasting Room Director/Lab Analysis/Assistant Winemaker

Rene is Cal and Judy’s daughter. Born in San Diego, she moved to this area with her family in 1992. She and her husband, Doug have 3 sons. Jesse, their youngest, is serving in the Marines while both of their older sons work at the vineyard.

Rene has a broad spectrum of education including Nursing, Phlebotomy, Viticulture and Enology. She and her son Duncan have become winemakers going through the program together. At the winery she is involved in almost every aspect of the business.

Rene’s many interests include knitting, painting, sewing, and especially being a Grandma! With 3 grandchildren, you can often see her in the Tasting Room in action with one of them in her arms!

Rene adores both drinking wine and wine making. She loves Southern Oregon and watching the growth of the wine industry in this area.

Jocelyn Schmidt, Marketing Manager/Events Coordinator

Jocelyn has lived in the area since 2004. For 17 years she lived and worked in London’s West End and on Broadway as a professional musical theater actress. She had the opportunity to work in shows such as Cats, Les Miserables, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, to name a few. Since moving to Grants Pass, she has enjoyed performing in numerous local theater productions and teaching ballet.

Before moving to London, Jocelyn attended University of California San Diego. Upon returning to America, she attended Rogue Community College and became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

As daughter-in-law to Cal and Judy, mother and stepmother to 6 children with 4 grandchildren, she loves family life. Working at SFV is a wonderful extension of family life. Her son, David, can be often be seen playing with his nieces and nephew on the grounds of the vineyard.

“I love working with the public and building relationships in our community. My job allows me to meet and work with really special and interesting people. I’m constantly learning and growing in my position at SFV!”

Duncan Brons, Cellar Master/Asst. Winemaker

Duncan is one of the 3rd generation family members working at Schmidt Family Vineyards. Born in Santa Rosa, he moved to the area with his parents and grandparents as a child. A graduate of Hidden Valley, he has nearly completed his Vintner’s Degree at UCC.

Duncan lives in the Applegate Valley with his wife, Tasha, and daughter, Presley. Duncan’s great passions are his family, wine, and his work at the vineyard. He enjoys working with his grandparents, Mom, brothers, and cousins and that they all get along. Making something that the public appreciates is very rewarding to him.

He has hopes that his little daughter may one day choose to become part of the family tradition!