13 Things to do if you’re stuck at home because of COVID-19: Wine Edition

13 Things to do if you’re stuck at home because of COVID-19: Wine Edition

The stay-at-home precautions just got extended…so now what? We’re already a little bored and have cabin fever. If you’re like me, you’ve probably already cleaned your house a little too. Or are getting there. Or have thought about it. Hey, we’re doing great!

But my isolation to-do list is dwindling down, and maybe you’ve found yourself in a similar predicament. It’s time to get creative…wine style! If you need some fresh ideas (or even just need an excuse to drink some more wine), here’s a list of 13 wine-related activities to do while you’re cooped up at home:

1. Try wine from a new-to-you region

Is your go-to wine from Napa? Or maybe Southern Oregon? Try a bottle from a region you’ve never had before! There’s so much variation you might just find a new favorite.

2. Compare different vintages of the same wine

Yeah, about that variation….even the year of the wine matters! The same type of wine from a certain vineyard in 2014 might taste completely different than the same wine from 2015. See if you can spot the differences. 

3. Have a blind tasting competition

Can you guess which wine is which? If you’re stuck at home with another wine lover or two, have a competition and see how many people can guess the wine without seeing the label!

4. Make homemade sangria

Ahh, yum. Homemade sangria can be just what you need to relax on a nice spring afternoon. Look up a recipe (or make one up as you go) and kick it out on your porch, balcony, or deck. Voila!

5. Try a new pairing recipe

Food doesn’t always enhance the flavor of a wine, but it can! Find a pairing recipe to go with the wine of your choice and see if the food brings out any different notes in the wine you couldn’t taste before. Or, you know, have a delicious meal with some wine in general.

6. Try a new type of wine

We all tend to stick to what we know, but the true fun comes from trying new things. If you’re a fan of Cabernet, try a bottle of Barbera to change it up! Typically like dry Rieslings? Go for a stainless steel Chardonnay and see what you think. Either way, you’ll have a full glass!

7. Make a homemade charcuterie board to compliment your favorite wine

Similar to the pairing idea, the tried-and-true meat and cheese boards are always fun to have with wine. Make a fancy one if you’d like and pretend you’re sitting by a lake or on the beach. Or have fun with a makeshift, homemade version and laugh along the way.

8. Have a fancy date night at home

Date night can already be a little hard to squeeze in here and there when life gets busy. So if you’re forced to stay home, make some time to dress up and celebrate each other! Dressing up all fancy-like and setting the table with a nice bottle of wine is mandatory–shoes are optional. The point is to enjoy and celebrate the time you have together.

9. Start a virtual, weekly “wine club”

Craving some human interaction? Try new bottles of wine with friends on a weekly basis over a video chat to stay in touch and have a good time! Skype, Facetime, Facebook Video and Zoom are all good options to consider.

10. Figure out what your favorite movies would be if they were types of wine! Then watch them with a nice glass of wine, of course. Same goes for books.

This idea might be kind of silly, but it would also be so much fun! If The Lion King was a type of wine, what would it be? Or what about Catcher in the Rye? The Titanic?  So many possibilities!

11. Do an adult paint-by-number accompanied by a nice drink.

Ahhh, there’s nothing more relaxing than listening to some music, having a nice drink, and doing something artistic. Adult paint-by-numbers will keep you busy for hours, and you’ll have a gorgeous picture by the end of it all.

12. Listen to a new wine podcast

There are so many podcasts out there to try, from hilarious wine reviews, to how-to’s, to history! Find your new wine-related podcast to listen to while you garden, cook, or just relax.

13. Learn the history of your favorite type of wine

Is your favorite blend actually French? Maybe that spicy quality originated from Spain. There are tons of different varietals that originated from all over the world! Learn how they were used and how the type of wine has changed throughout the years.

Try out these ideas and you’re bound to have a good time, even if you’re stuck at home! Happy drinking!