Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine Wreath

Each winter we prune our grapevines to help promote healthy and fruitful grape production. Following pruning of the vineyard we decided to reuse the vines and made Grapevine Wreaths. Follow along as we give you a how to guide on making your own wreath. Please note that other mediums may be used; such as willow branches.

To begin you will need a sizeable amount of detangled vines in varying sizes, length and width. Fresh vines work best for this project as they’re more pliable and forgiving as you’re bending and wrapping. 
To make  your form, take one long semi thick vine and wrap it in to a circle (or any shape you desire, we also made hearts and balls). I used a semi thick vine as this was going to be the base to which I would wrap all additional vines into and wanted a solid start.

To secure you can either wrap the vine upon itself (as shown above) or secure with wire. If you don’t like the wild stragglers you can use this time to trim for a neater looking wreath. 

Begin wrapping and twisting new vines of any size choice around your form to make a fuller wreath. I went in alternating directions to give it a more wild and rustic look and left all the extra twigs.


When you get to your desired fullness take an additional skinny grapevine to tightly wrap around your wreath to give a clean finished look.

Perhaps the most important step is have your tiny furry supervisor.

Here we have our finished grapevine wreath! If you don’t quite love the shape it’s taken, apply pressure and mold into a perfect circle. As the vines dry it will hold it’s shape for years to come. You can leave as is for a simple door decoration, hang on an accent wall for a fresh update or make smaller circles to fit around your favorite Schmidt Family Vineyards vine for a functional table scape. To dress up easily add a bow, twine or flowers. You can even refresh each holiday with seasonal trinkets.

Enjoy your crafting time. Cheers from SFV.