Wine Pairing for Thanksgiving Dinner

Wine Pairing for Thanksgiving Dinner

Q: What wine will you be bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner and why?

Pairing wine and food is always a hard decision. You want wines that taste good, guests will enjoy and compliment the foods being served. A good pairing will enhance both the wine and the dish. So let’s go to the experts on fool proof wines for your holiday gathering.

Judy Schmidt, Owner– suggests Viognier and Pinot Noir. They both go well with turkey and would give guests an option of a white or red wine. 
René Brons, Winemaker– exuberantly remarks she will be bringing Pinot Noir! (she also named her dog Pinot). René feels like it goes well with red meat and turkey with it’s bright, fruity and festive feel.
Duncan Brons, Winemaker– says he would probably bring Merlot. “I feel it will go well with my Thanksgiving ham!”
Haley, Tasting Room Associate (SFV’s secret food pairing expert)- suggests our 2018 Pinot Noir as a light bodied wine to pair with appetizers and 2018 Touriga Nacional as it is her current favorite wine. She feels this heavy full bodied wine will easily compliment a rich full Thanksgiving Dinner.
Chef Brent– stood by the “white wine goes with white meat” and recommends Viognier as a good turkey pairing. However if you’re going to be having gamier meat such as duck or goose he would suggest a Merlot or Pinot Noir.

So there we have it!  Pinot  Noir is the most popular wine for Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s not often you get almost everyone to agree on something, especially unprompted. I personally did not expect so many people to choose Pinot, but I feel if you have everyone, from different areas and walks, recommending the same wine then there must be something to it! 

We hope you all have the most beautiful Thanksgiving Celebration and are able to use our wine to create memories with your loved ones.