Wise Woman’s Chicken

Wise Woman’s Chicken

We used this recipe for our 2013 Chardonnay release in January of 2016.  It is always a pleasure to revisit some of these wonderful recipes.

2013 Chardonnay

Recipe Compliments of:
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Schmidt Family Vineyards Wine Club Release, October, 2007.

Sage is an herb associated with wisdom, and long used for healing and protection. Its delicious flavor invokes the scent of Fall leaves in the last of Summer’s sunshine, with hints of the piney Winter to come. The wise woman knows that a very simple recipe can shine above more complicated dishes. Here, boneless chicken is pan seared and tossed with sautéed onions and a generous amount of fresh sage. Elegant in its simplicity, this dish has a sweetness and depth of flavor that harmonizes beautifully with our ’05 Chardonnay.


One large sweet onion
¼ cup fresh sage leaves (about 16)
One boneless skinless split chicken breast, trimmed and sliced into pieces about 1/3 inch thick
Olive oil
Schmidt Family Vineyards ’05 Chardonnay
Black pepper
Finishing salt


Peel the onion and cut it in half from stem to root. Slice thinly in the same direction, and then in half crosswise. Heat 2 Tablespoons of olive oil in a heavy sauté pan and sear the onion, then lower the heat and cook until brown, translucent and fragrant. Add the chopped sage leaves and stir. Remove the onions and sage into a small bowl.

Add half the chicken to the hot pan. (Cook the chicken in two batches. Don’t crowd it or it will not brown nicely.) Sear the strips over high heat and then cook them over lower heat until just done. Remove the cooked chicken and cook the next batch. (See note) When the chicken is all done, deglaze the pan with ½ cup Chardonnay. Pour the drippings over the chicken and toss with the onions and sage, a twist of black pepper, and finishing salt to taste. Serve with Schmidt Family Vineyards ’05 Chardonnay.

Note: If the drippings are threatening to burn at the end of cooking the first batch of chicken, deglaze the pan and proceed with the rest of the chicken with another Tablespoon of olive oil.